Departing Passengers from Kuwait:

Arriving Passengers into Kuwait:

Passengers entering Kuwait will be subject to 14 days home quarantine from day of arrival

Passenger Travel Information


All passengers must check-in online and download their boarding pass on the Jazeera App or print from the website. 
You will also need to provide contact information at your destination (address and phone number). Without this information you will not be allowed to travel.
Only limited food & beverages will be available on-board. We recommend you pre-book your meals when you check-in online.


Passengers can only take a small bag (laptop or woman’s handbag) on-board the aircraft. All other baggage will be placed in the hold either at check-in or at the gate. Maximum weight of hand baggage is 7kg. If you check-in online and proceed to the gate with hand baggage over the limit it will be taken from you and sent to the hold. This may delay your boarding.

Check-in Baggage
Check-in baggage allowances have been increased by 7kg according to your Fare Option (see booking and ticket for details).


If you can, take your temperature before you go to the airport temperature. If you have an above normal reading please do not go to the airport as you will be denied entry. You can amend your flight booking free of charge if you need to fly at a later date.
Also we recommend you do not fly if you have any underlying health conditions, or are showing any symptoms of Covid-19.
Please bring with you a mask and gloves to wear at all times in the airport and on-board your flight. 

Early Check-in at T5 Car Park

You can check in ahead of your flight, from 48 to 6 hours prior to your flight departure at T5 Car Park where you can drop your bags and collect your boarding pass. When you come to the airport for your flight you can proceed directly to Immigration.

Arriving at Terminal 5


Please arrive 3 hours at T5 before your flight

Entry to the terminal can be via the main ground floor entrance or via the sky bridge for the car park (car drop off area). Your temperature will be taken before entry into the terminal. If you have a high temperature you will be denied entry

Where possible use the self-service kiosks. Your hold baggage can then be dropped off at the Baggage Drop counter

If you need to use the main check-in desks please follow the signs


Passengers must wear a mask and gloves at all times in the terminal and during their flight.
Social distancing markers are on the floor throughout the terminal. Keep a safe distance from other passengers, where possible.
The terminal is frequently cleaned and disinfected in all areas for maximum protection for our passengers.
At Immigration please remove glove for finger ID and clean with hand sanitiser before replacing glove.


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Please look carefully at your boarding pass. Some flights may leave from Terminal 1 and you will transfer via the upper level in T5. When you reach the departure gate please sit or stand according to social distancing markers.

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Remain where you are until boarding is announced. Do not queue up in line at the gate. You will be called by seat number and row. Only approach the gate when called and have your boarding pass and passport ready.


Make your way to your seat as quickly as possible and stow your hand baggage in an overhead locker or directly under the seat in front of you. Sit in the seat assigned to you and do not move to another seat unless directed to by a cabin attendant.
Our cabin and flight crew all wear personal protection equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety and yours.

Keep your mask and gloves on at all times, except your mask when eating or drinking. As soon as you have finished eating or drinking please replace your mask.

On flights where the J Café food service is offered only credit cards are accepted for payment. No cash transactions are permissible.

Do not queue for washrooms and use them only if you really have to. Please wash and sanitise your hands after use.


The airline operates an anti-viral disinfection program in which it sprays the cabins after each flight, as well as fumigates them using anti-viral high pressure disinfection sprays on seats and throughout the cabin. Disinfectant chemicals used are internationally approved and safe for all passengers. 
We use High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which are similar to those used to keep air clean in hospital operating rooms and industrial clean rooms. They are effective at capturing greater than 99.97% of airborne microbes in filtered air.
The aircraft’s air filters are also replaced frequently.


Disembarking from aircraft

Upon arrival at your destination please remain in your seat. Please do not stand up in the aisle and wait for instructions from the cabin crew when to disembark. To maintain safety, passengers will be required to disembark in small groups.

Arrivals at Kuwait T5

Please follow signs to Immigration or Visa counter. You will go through a temperature check on arrival.

Arrivals outside Kuwait

Please follow the instructions of the host country and their immigration and health regulations.